cb350 not charging


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  • Greg Hough

    Hi there,

    I have a Honda 1972 SL350 and have installed the shockwave ignition, reg/rec and two new coils from Common Motor, still having problems. Also has new battery and have completed the white/yellow wire mod to include both sides of the stator.

    All this and I am still having charging problems. The bike will run beautifully for 20 minutes or so while fully charged then will just stop for no reason, also the neutral like will glow brightly sometimes and then all of a sudden be very dull and can hardly see it glowing at all. The bike will start easily sometimes and then sometimes will take 30 kicks to start, once going it is fine for 20 mins or so like I said then just stop. I am wondering if the 49 year old wiring harness is dead or could the stator be not up to it anymore? Open to any suggestions you may have,

    Regards Greg

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